In Greek mythology Metis is the Titan of wisdom. She gets down with Zeus who then tricks her into turning herself into a fly and swallows her so that she can’t give birth to the child prophesied to overthrow him. She takes the opportunity to make so much noise creating armor for her unborn daughter that Hephaestus has to split Zeus’ skull and out springs Athena – fully formed and ready to lay down some knowledge.

These days, metisĀ refers to the category of knowledge that includes all of the itty bitty pieces of information that you can really only pick up farming the same plot of land your whole life or going to church and staying for the donuts and coffee every Sunday. Metis is the stuff that makes sure the world keeps on turning despite our best efforts to mess everything up. It’s also the responsible for many (though not all) of our greatest successes.

This blog is my attempt to try to chase after some of that.